Extended options available

Apart from the four key areas listed on the front page, Hypermouse is also able to assist clients with a range of other options available.

Several of our most popular ones are listed below.

Hypermouse is also able to provide fully customised sessions dealing with topics and solutions which may be unique to your situation.

If you have any more questions or would like to arrange a session, please contact Colin on 0410669098 or via email colin@hypermouse.com.au

    New Features/Upgrade training.

    Learn which new features will impact you, your team and your organisation and which ones to be careful of.

    Understand which previous features and methods are affected by these newer features in the these latest versions.

    Master your Preferences

    Retake control of your Application.

    Find of which options within each Application’s Preference settings are useful and which are harmful. Fundamentally change the way your application behaves and decrease the time it can take to achieve otherwise complex and/or tedious tasks. 

    Master your digital devices.

    Learn how the standard Apps and Settings can help you in your business and/or personal life. 

    Discover which third-party Apps could help you achieve your goals more easily and efficiently.

    Devices covered include; iPhones, iPads, Android Phones (certain models), Android Tablets (certain models), Apple Watches.