InDesign Cheat Sheet

Adobe InDesign Key Commands “Cheat Sheet”
Click on the buttons to view (and download) the sheet specific for your platform. This set of commands are virtually unchanged Adobe InDesign CS5.5.

Check the Preferences

One key step I always take when dealing with a new Application or new version being released is to check the Preferences.

In Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop the fastest way to access them is to hit Command+K (Ctrl+K).

Preferences can affect how an application behaves, what control you have over elements and how you are protected from unforeseen circumstances such as power failures or system/server crashes.

Change the Preferences

In the preferences for both InDesign and Illustrator, there is an option called Appearance of Black. If your output is going to be professionally printed, it’s a good idea to change this setting to “Show Blacks Accurately” for both options as this avoids possibly misleading scenarios for both you and your client. for more information on this and other Preference issues, check out our Extended Services options.

What's New

Most Applications get updated at least once a year, sometimes these new releases get a bit of coverage, but something don’t get a mention at all. The following links will take you to a quite comprehensive and detailed list of what’s new with each of the Major Adobe product releases. If you would like to see these new features in action and see how they might help you, please check out our Extended Services options.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign