At hypermouse, we like to ask the big questions.

  • What are you wanting/needing to achieve?
  • Are you using the Application that’s right for those needs?
  • Is your Application up-to-date, and is this affecting what you can do?
  • Are you using the Applications you have to their best potential?

If training is needed,

we’re there for you.

You can watch any number of fitness programs online, but how much more effective is a personal trainer that develops a program for you, motivates you when you need it most, and helps push you to reach your goals?

The difference can be night and day.

The hypermouse approach to training means that you get the benefits of on-site, face-to-face training, with a completely customised and focused approach to your specific needs.

Hypermouse graphics education – the personal trainer for computer users!

The hypermouse approach

Learn what you need and what is needed

  • Learn how to get the results you’re after.
  • Learn how to speed up how you do things.
  • Learn solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

Simplifying the complex

  • Focus on the process and learn the key steps needed to achieve your goals.

Focus on efficiency

  • Learn the best way first, don’t waste your time learning the “beginner” approach.
  • Focus on the smarter, efficient methods and techniques that professionals use.

Real world training

  • Hypermouse is happy to incorporate your pre-existing or active jobs work during your training sessions.
  • You’ll be taking notes. You’ll remember things better if you do, and it allows for more flexible sessions with relevant topics discovered during the sessions being covered as questions and situations arise. 

Small group training

  • With smaller groups, training time is focused on more specific goals

One keyboard, one mouse, one focus

  • Training typically takes place around a single computer, enabling greater focus. This helps avoid individual trainees wandering off-topic, or losing focus.

Rates are per session not per person (limit of 3)

  • Small group training is one fundamental part of the hypermouse training method, to encourage this approach – rates are calculated per session, not per person.

 Short sessions equals less brain/learning fatigue

  • Sessions run between one and two hours – enough to cover topics well, but not too long that you suffer from brain overload. Ideally with a gap of at least a day if multiple sessions are arranged.
  • We provide stand-alone, multiple or ongoing sessions. 

On-site training – we are always there for you

  • Training is delivered on-site, where you work. This saves the hassle of taking you or your staff away from the normal routine for any more than two hours of actual training time.
  • You learn on your own computers. That way application preferences can be checked and adjusted as needed, and any local problems you might have encountered with applications, hardware or system software can be addressed as they arise.