What is hypermouse?

Hypermouse Graphics Education provides consultancy and training to anyone wishing to improve their application skill set and workflow options.

Whether it’s the Print, Digital or Business world, there’s always new ways and tools for achieving your goals. Hypermouse has many years of experience analysing workflows and processes and suggesting practical, efficient solutions.

Other the last few years more and more Businesses are also starting to use tools traditionally designed exclusively for Graphic Designers. Marketing teams now use tools such as InDesign and Photoshop as do Architects, Real Estate agents and so on. 

With its many years of experience with these tools Hypermouse can help these users get the most out of these tools and help translate the print jargon back into terms non-Design users can relate to.

If you would like to talk to us about arranging a quote or a meeting to discus your company’s specific needs, please contact Colin Seton on 0410669098 or via email colin@hypermouse.com.au

A little bit about Colin Wynter Seton

Colin is the Director and main educator/consultant for Wynter Seton Associates Pty. Ltd trading as Hypermouse.

He began his consulting and training career in 1987 with the then brand new “Desktop Publishing” applications QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator. 

Over the past 30 years, as a specialist educator in the graphics industry,  he’s helped many hundreds of Print and Digital Designers, Computer operators, Layout artists, Creatives, Editors, Publishers, Packaging Designers, Marketing People, Fashion resellers, PrePress practitioners and Printers improve their ROI, showing them how to get the most out of the various Applications they need to use on a daily basis.

But don’t just take our word for it!

‘Colin’s depth of knowledge is extraordinary. He’s able to evaluate a candidate’s skills very quickly to know which areas of development are required.’

– Melissa Best, Principal, Cobe


Call me on 0410 669 098 or via email colin@hypermouse.com.au.